The Best Time to Travel to Chile’s Central Wine Region


Chile is actually the longest country in the world with a distance of 2,700 miles which runs along the Pacific Coast and keep in mind that the seasons are flipped from the northern hemisphere.

The central region of Chile is the most populated area of the country and includes Chile’s largest cities including Santiago and Valparaiso. While the vineyards are spread throughout the country, most of the wine regions are concentrated one to three hours outside of Santiago.

Colchagua Valley is about two hours south of Santiago and is known for producing big red wines. There are quite a lot of reds produced here with the Carmenere grape being prevalent.

If you are planning a trip to Chile’s central wine region, the springtime (late September through mid December) is a nice time to visit since everything is in bloom. March & April are also ideal since it is the beginning of autumn and the harvest season kicks into full gear. This is also a great time to enjoy the local wine festivals.