How to Get to Santa Cruz from Santiago


Santa Cruz is the main town in Colchagua where most of the wineries & hotels are located and is south of Santiago, Chile’s capital.

The drive from Santiago takes about 2-1/2 hours and if you opt to take a bus from Santiago’s ‘Alamada Bus Terminal’, the drive may take up to 3-1/2
hours depending on the number of stops along the way.

There are 4 bus companies that operate from the Santiago Bus Terminal which travel south to Santa Cruz (Nilahue, Express Santa Cruz, Andimar and Jetsur). Some of the buses are direct (express) and only stop at other bus terminals along the way while other buses may stop along the highway to pickup folks.

Bus tickets from Santiago are $4,000-5,000 CLP per person (each way) and the bus will take you to the Santa Cruz Bus Terminal unless you ask the conductor to let you off along the way.


From Santiago, take Ruta 5 to Ruta 90 (which intersects at the city of San Fernando)
Take the Ruta 90 exit toward Santa Cruz.
Follow Ruta 90 and the main entrance into Santa Cruz will be on your left.
(You will know that you are getting close once you pass the Viu Manent winery on the left hand side which has a large white wall)

**This route has tolls so be sure to bring small bills and change with you.