COVID Update

October 2020


Currently, Chile is currently closed to all non-resident foreigners.

Our first priority is the safety of travelers to Chile so we will update this page as new information becomes available.

Once the country re-opens, businesses will adhere to the latest health and safety protocols and do everything possible to reduce the transmission of the virus.

Anyone flying in that tests negative with the PCR test won’t have to self quarantine, however, the test can’t be older than 72 hours.

Everyone is responsible for his/her own safety. We expect that masks and social distancing will be required in all public places, Expect reduced interactions with servers and tasting room hosts.

Since this situation is still new to all of us we ask that you be patient & flexible.

In case you are interested in more information on flying to Santiago, here is a link to Santiago’s International Airport which will provide updates and airport protocols once they re-open for international flights.


For those of you currently living in Chile, you must obtain a couple of items in order to travel

1) Sanitary/Health Passport at
2) A temporary individual permit for Interregional Transfers which is good for 24 hours: